Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uncle Dolan part 2

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dota Leavers

Here's a funny animation about Dota's (a popular warcraft III mod) leavers:

Do you usually leave dota games? Do you like trolling them as I do?

There's nothing better than the smell of raging nerds in the morning. Ha! Ha!

By the way: If you're looking for a Dota Maphack, check out this article on this blog to download it

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top 10 gifts to make Valentine's likely to break

It's nearly Valentine's Day and the tradition is that you offer a small gift to your beautiful. But upon reflection, you do not do so want it. You even say that such a date would be a perfect opportunity to break, get rid of them. But you're a gentleman, or a coward, so instead of telling them, you prefer to leave a gift and lour rotten sense talking. Some gift ideas for a perfect break.

1. The book "How to shit when you are in love": so in general women do not like the big pig. We do not talk about this taboo subject in the couple. It may not do not find that it is the intention that counts "and realize it will be better than one badly accompanied. She who leaves. The ultimate failure.
2. Anti-cellulite shorts in size XL to put his own face reality, but also to help cope alone with this slight problem of cellulite. It's still more original than red roses.
3. The Highway Code for Dummies: wake up in the macho in you. Future single, she will soon be forced to drive. And you do not feel guilty because of his future accidents.
4. A frame with a photo of her best friend naked: she will wonder how you obtained the photo. Normally it should be a reconciliation. If not show him your trade text messages with the above-mentioned, or finer yet, a video of your antics on YouTube.
5. A solitaire because you're not a bastard. And that you care about their well-being anyway, and its future leisure.
6. Scales (digital): to open his eyes to the fact that when you asked "do not you think I just made? "And you answer" no, but you delusions there, "you lied. Shamefully. And no they are not cute these little beads.
7. A suitcase: it would be even clearer if you put most of his business inside. To offer with a smile of course, we're not monsters.
8. Meetic an account previously set up: "wife of 36 years, fairly banal and pain in the ass, seeks boy 15 to 55 years without specific criteria. You apparently want him, yet not know frankly.
9. Half of the gains from its sale on Ebay: Yes that's right, you've sold on Ebay. Of course it is his body, but it was your initiative. So Fifty-fifty.
10. Be creative!